“The top event on Cape Town’s social calendar.”

~The Cape Times

Event Information

Cashless System

L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate goes cashless this year, powered by Howler Loaded, use your wristband to transact throughout the entire event.

Load up with any amount of that suits you, online before the event, or at one of the Howler Loaded stations strategically located within the event. Follow this link to top up before the event:

Online top-up page – click here

Tap your fabric wristband to pay at the bar, merchandise, food or trader stands to instantly complete your transaction. No pin, no incorrect change, no card or cash needed.


• Cashless payments make your event experience easier, faster and safer.
• Load your fabric wristband from the get go online before the event and bring your top-up voucher to one of the top-up stations on the day to load your wristband or top-up on the day at the event.
• If you don’t spend all of the money loaded onto your fabric wristband, you can get a cash refund from our refund stations at the event or head over to www.howler.co.za from Monday 9 January 2017 to get the remaining funds deposited into your bank account, this post-event service has a R20 admin fee.


How much can I Load?
• You can pre-load online here, or at the event, with as much as you want to spend at the event.
• To avoid having to keep reloading we suggest loading what you’ve budgeted to spend at the event from the get-go.

What payment methods can I use to load my card?
You can Get Loaded in two ways.
1. Online using a Credit Card / Cheque Card here (This facility will close at 12:00 on Thursday 5 January). Take your Howler Loaded voucher (printed or on your phone) on the day of the event to a top-up station to load your wristband. A 3,5 % service charge will be applied to all online pre-Loaded transactions (A small fee payable to avoid having to Load Up at the event)

2. At any of the Howler Loaded stations within the event using you Credit/Cheque/Debit Card or Cash
Due to potential network congestion which may affect the credit card machines, we encourage you to bring mostly cash and load it up from the get-go. Remember you can cash out any leftover credits at the event or post event at www.howler.co.za

If I Pre-Load online do I still have to get my wristband loaded at the event?
• Yes, bring your Howler Loaded voucher (printed or digital) to any top-up station at the event to load your wristband.

Is there a fee to Get Loaded at the event?
• There is an initial R10 admin fee on your fist top-up.

How do refunds work?
1. At the Event
You can cash out at any time during the event at one of our refund stations

2. Post Event
• For your convenience, an online refund facility will be provided after the event & processed to your designated bank account.
• Head over to Howler.co.za on Monday 9 January from 12:00 and follow the online prompts
• The online refund facility will open on from 09 January 2017 and close on 23 January 2017
• All refunds will be processed within 14 days after the event.
• A R20 Administration/ banking Fee will be applied to all refunds.

Will there be ATM on site?
• There will be ATM”s onsite for you to draw cash for the betting totes, you can top-up however with Credit/Cheque/Debit Card or Cash at the top-up stations.
• You need to treat your fabric wristband like cash. If you lose your fabric wristband you will need to purchase a new one for R20 and Get Loaded again. Any remaining credits from your previous wristband will be lost.

What happens if my fabric wristband gets damaged?
• All Damaged fabric wristbands can be replaced and any remaining credits will be transferred to the new band.

How do I know what the balance is on my card?
• Always ask for the total of your purchase, before they charge your wristband.
• Immediately after every transaction, the reader will indicate how many credits are left. Ask the bartender/ Vendor to show you your remaining balance.
• In addition, it is also possible to check your balance at all the bars, food stations and Get loaded stations.
• Just ask a staff member to check your balance and they will be more than happy to help.

How can I check my latest transactions?
• Simply go to the Howler Loaded top-up station and request to view your latest transactions.

Can I share a wristband?
• You can’t use two wristbands on one transaction/ticket. If you want to share a wristband we encourage you to load one wristband with as much credits for both of you.

Can I tip the bar staff?
• Yes, you can tip the bar staff with the credits on your wristband. They’ll love you for it.